The Status Quo Is Deathly Boring

Most young people know nothing but the world as it is. Their teachers assure them that this is the best form of human organization, all authority agrees, and their parents toe the party line. The system is geared to keep them shuffling forward quietly unto death. What a waste. What a crime. What a bore. “Live dangerously and you live right.” This line comes from the great author Johann Wolfgang …

What Rulers Believe

I’ve been working on collections of quotes lately, and I have one more that I’d like to present… this one on the thoughts of rulers. For a number of years I’ve been telling people that the incentives faced by productive people and the incentives facing rulers (of whatever stripe) are very, very different. This list, I believe, will make that point.

What Geniuses Come To Believe

It recently struck me that the people we think of as “geniuses” tend to arrive, over time, at surprisingly similar sets of conclusions. It further struck me that a simple list of such thoughts might be of value to my readers.